Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Team

The Adventure Team is a series of three games that were developed only for the indigenous consoles and hence were not open for the non-Japanese Mystery Dungeons players. Released in August 2009, like the previous installments, this game also focused on randomly generated dungeons based on a floor map which the players needed to traverse along with their partners to advance further. It had a database of about 493 pokemon from all of the four main generations of the primary Pokemon series. Some of the features of its gameplay included the following: –

  • This was the first series of the Mystery Dungeon installments that used 3-D graphics of the Pokemon characters to improvise the gaming experience and hence replaced the existing sprite-based ones.
  • The three games had 15 mystery dungeons each which were unique in themselves and hence added further to the betterment of the overall gaming style.
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  • Along with saving four files in a single game, the players were also given the liberty to switch over their main character at any point of the game and hence enjoy it in a better manner.
  • The Nintendo Wi-Fi connectivity was improved to allow the players to play particular challenges that were not a part of the original plot and hence unlock the special pokemon that were otherwise unavailable.
  • The team attacks were given new forms, and even the evolvement of the pokemon in the dungeons during the matches was
  • The most critical change in the series was that the protagonist of the game was not a human turned pokemon, but a Pokemon inhabitant of a town who saved a mystery character in one of the quests and hence formed an adventure team with the same.

The overall trio-series received huge applause from the home consoles due to the changes in the graphics of the characters and the repetitions that were occurring in the predecessors. However, due to the geo-restriction, it could not be enjoyed by the non-Japanese players.

pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity rom

pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity rom

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Gates to Infinity is the ninth installment of this series and was the first role-playing version based out of the series. Released in late 2012 and early 2013 periods, it also featured the combats in the dungeons and centered around the human turned pokemon. The gameplay for the same had the following features: –

  • The starters of the game included the pokemon named Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, and Axew and unlike the previous editions, did not have any pre-personality test for the players before beginning the game. Hence, the players were given the full liberty to choose their desired starter pokemon and begin playing.
  • The 3-D graphics was improvised and taken to the next level, with the complexity of the characters increased, and their camera and sensor powers enhanced.
  • The entry to the next dungeons was improvised in pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity rom, where certain round objects were required to be found by the players to convert them into the portals that could be used as the gateways to the next levels.
  • For the first time in the Mystery Dungeon series, the concept of augmented reality was used, where the scanning of the real world objects opened up additional dungeons that were not a part of the first plot and hence gave bonus points to the player.
  • These additional dungeons were either freely downloadable ones or needed to be paid by the user to unlock them after scanning.



Despite the new changes in the game, it still did not receive much of the positive response and instead earned backlashes from the reviewers. Some of the reasons for the same including: –

  • Increased number of hours of the game that the player had to give in as input and hence it was termed to be a tedious one, compared to the previous installments.
  • Dullness and mediocrity in the dungeon styles that eventually created boredom for the players to clear each level of the dungeon
  • Little variations in the types of the quests, that drabbed the playing experience of the players and hence made many of them leave it in the middle
  • Issues of scan compatibility for the additional dungeons in certain consoles due to incompatibility

Thus, in a nutshell, the game did not garner the expected turnout despite having some changes in the graphics and plot and gave a massive blow to the developers from the gaming community.

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is the tenth and the latest addition to the Mystery Dungeon series. Categorized as a rogue-like genre, pokemon super mystery dungeon rom is termed as the most complex and challenging of the entire series. Released in September 2015, the game also had the central character as a human turned pokemon who battled the enemies and traveled through the dungeons to move on to the next level. Unlike the previous editions, the player did not have to pass the personality test to choose out of the 20 starter pokemon and hence were given the liberty to select the character most desired by them. In total, the database contained 720 registered pokemon and had the primary plot divided into the following chapters: –

  • Serene Village, where the player gets attacked by a dangerous entity and eventually saved by a messiah to join the Exploration Society
  • Lively Town and the Exploration Society, which takes the storyline forward as a part of the Exploration Society
  • Escaping the Void lands and going to the Tree of Life, which includes reuniting with a majority of the society members after the aftermath in the previous chapter and collectively searching for the Tree of Life
  • Defeating Dark Matter, where the primary antagonist of the series is defeated and hence the game triumphs.
  • After Story, which includes the struggles of the player after his or her partner left the society and mainly focuses on the way he or she brings it back


This installment of pokémon super mystery dungeon rom earned the highest inception from the gaming community and was a bigger comeback for the Chunsoft Corporation after the failure of the previous edition. Some of the reviews for the same included the following: –

  • Overall improvement in the greatness and feel of the plot, with minor rebukes on the repetitiveness of certain dialogues during the storyline
  • Having a better interface in terms of the combats level and the graphics design of the dungeons
  • High levels of customizations and freedom for the players to choose their desired character that added more to their comfort

Acing the series

With such a wide number of installments of the series, there are a wide number of options available with the players to choose their desired gaming style and complete the missions. However, to aid them in certain aspects there are a number of readily available pokemon mystery dungeon rom hacks in various forums of the internet which offer some of the easiest tricks to complete the levels and unlock points in the games. Hence, all it requires for the players is to find the authentic source for these hacks and the following are some factors that can aid in the same: –

  • The authorization of the forum that shows its authenticity and effectiveness of the hacks offered
  • The forum not charging any cost for the hacks so as to enhance the affordability by a large number of players
  • Having a highly experienced team of individuals who developed the hacks keeping in mind about the high complexity of the dungeons and hence designed them as such to enhance the overall effectiveness
  • Having a good number of recommendations and star ratings from the previous users so as to ensure the overall quality of the services

Hence, the entire article elucidates about the different installments of the Mystery Dungeon Series and how do they stand apart from each other. A number of hacks are available that can help in acing these, but only the ones selected from the best and ideal sources aid in yielding the desired results.

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