The detailing on the series of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ROM

Briefing on the series

The series of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is one of the most popular games amongst the video game lovers of today’s time. Spinning off from the famous Pokemon Series, it has been developed by Spike Chunsoft Corporation and features nearly all of the different types of the Pokemon. The basic motto of the entire series revolves around these fictional Pokemon characters navigating through the various themed dungeons, where they have to complete a series of missions to get promoted to the next levels. All of the cells are located on the randomly generated floor maps, which the players have to traverse and fight against other Pokemon to win specific rewards and quests. The article further elucidates about pokemon mystery dungeon rom and also about the different installments of the series.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ROM

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ROM

About the primary developer

Spike Chunsoft Corporation is a Japan-based video game developer company that is highly specialized in the making of video games of the genres of role-playing and visual novels. Since its inception from 1984, it has developed more than hundreds of series, including the ones that are owned as a third-party source by the corporation. The uniqueness of the corporation lies in the plots, storyline, gameplay and the graphics used that can never bore the gamers. In other terms, it always has something good to serve on the plate and release every new series with a unique and different taste.

About Nintendo

Nintendo Corporation Limited is a Japanese MNC dealing with consumer electronics and video games and is headquartered in Kyoto. It is one of the primary partners of Chunsoft in developing the Mystery Dungeon series, as the majority of the installments were compatible with its main product Nintendo DS. The device is equipped with two LCDs for better control of the gameplay and has modules to get easily connected to the nearby ranges of Wi-Fi. Along with the same, the giant is also responsible for the maintenance and distribution of the various versions of the ROMs of the series like pokemon mystery dungeon ds rom and many more.

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The gameplay of the installments

The entire series has released about six major chapters till date, with the net sale of approximately 13 million copies. Barring the features in each of these, the primary gameplay is somewhat standard in all of these. The player takes up the role of a Pokemon transformed from a human and controlled by a partner chosen at the beginning of the game. The type of Pokemon that the player can take is ultimately decided upon a personality test conducted before the start of the game and the mode of all of the matches are Classic Rogue type. As per this, the player has to navigate the entire randomly generated dungeon with his or her pokemon team, use their basic attacks and win matches against the opponents to win prizes and unlock the special abilities. Sometimes, the players can also claim the best pokemon of the losing team and hence induct the same into his or her team. There are a number of pokemon mystery dungeon rom hack available on the internet for comfortable playing of the series. The details on the installments are described in the upcoming content.    



Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Teams

Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team is the first joint pair of the Mystery Dungeon Series that was developed by Chunsoft in collaboration with Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Both of the games have a majority of features similar, except for the fact that the former can be enjoyed on dual-screen features and enhanced audio and graphic qualities. The plot of the two games revolves around a human who woke up as a Pokemon with no memories of the past and hence teams up with another player to learn about a curse that haunts the world and then works out to remove the same. The following mention the features of the gameplay that is common to both of these games: –

  • The protagonist of the game is a human turned into one of the sixteen pokemon of the database with no memories of the past. The type of pokemon is decided based on a personality test conducted before the beginning.
  • The player then chooses a partner pokemon and together they go out on a voyage to complete all of the missions sent either via bulletin board, emails or notifications.
  • The games are played in randomly generated dungeons where matches against some of the powerful Pokemon characters are performed and the success yields rewards and rescue points.
  • The failure of the mission lies in three different types- the defeat of the main character, the collapse of the partner and loss of the supplementary pokemon during the matches.
  • All of the moves of pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team rom and pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team rom are controlled by the four primary move buttons of A, W, S, and
  • The energy levels of the pokemon also need to be maintained during the entire gameplay, and hence the foods available in the dungeons ensure the same.

The games were widely incepted amongst the players with their addictive nature being considered as a prime pointer but were also rebuked for the repetitiveness in certain features of both of the series. These days the pair duo is available in the following formats:- Pokemon

  • mystery dungeon – red rescue team cool rom that is available on different partner websites of the developer and can be downloaded free from the same. However, to unlock certain other premium features in the game, the player needs to buy the same by paying a nominal amount.
  • pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team gba rom which is the official Game Boy Advance version and hence can be downloaded free from the website. All that the player needs are a permanent player account of Game Boy Advance to earn extra bonuses and credentials.

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